Rally Report: Whiskey Business 8, Louisville, KY (April 17th-20th, 2015)

On Friday, April 17th, KMR loaded up their ‘peds for the first rally of the season: Whiskey Business 8, hosted by the Bourbon Bandits of Louisville, KY. After making it to Louisville, we headed to meet up with Travis and Anna, who graciously agreed to host us. We unloaded bikes, grabbed some dinner and hung out before heading out on a short ride to Head’s Up pub to meet up with other rallyers and have a few beers. The next morning, everybody fueled up and we headed over to Papa John’s stadium for the first ride of the day.

It was great seeing such a huge crowd of friendly moped people taking to the streets of Louisville.  Lots of people along the ride

route stopped and stared or tried to catch photos or video of us. After winding our way around Derby City, we stopped at Joe Creason Park for some grilling out. While food was getting ready, we took another nice little ride around Cherokee Park, with lots of swooping hills and tight curves, just a great ride all around. After the ride we ate our fill of deliciously charred meat and then headed into the Butchertown area of the ‘Ville, where we eventually met up at Louis’ The Ton where the Kalamazoo Moped Riders announced their two newest members in Ty and Gee, and gave a hearty welcome to our newest prospect, Shawn. From The Ton, we headed out into the middle of a field to watch the “Thunder Over Louisville” fireworks that kick off the Kentucky Derby week. Sitting out in a field to watch the fireworks blast over the river was pretty awesome. Once the fireworks were over we walked back to the Hilltop Bar where we had some really good food and drink, then headed back and hung out on the porch drinking some of Louisville’s finest before crashing out for the night. The next morning we woke up to a delicious breakfast made by Travis and Anna then packed up the mopeds and headed back for Kalamazoo. A great weekend all around, and a huge thanks to the Bourbon Bandits for putting it on!