The Taco List

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taco-wink-gifKMR loves tacos. If you love tacos too, you might enjoy eating tacos from the following places:

Quekas – Go on Monday, they have dollar tacos!

Los Bros – Originally a food truck, LB now has a full service location right near Quarterkick on Portage Road. It was a favorite of KMR, but when they closed down for the winter, Quekas snagged the top spot.

La Guatemalteca – Gee argues that when you can find them, they’re the best in Kalamazoo. They can be found most Saturdays at the farmer’s market and completely randomly in front of their tienda on Burdick.

Taco Bob’s – The only place on the list that serves booze and tacos. Not the best in the world, but they’ll do.  Known for weirdly named tacos (Funny Taco, Bousfield Blast, etc.) and their housemade Inferno and Extreme Sauce.

Gorilla Gourmet – Food Truck that can be found at various events around town.  Usually has some kind of taco on offer.

El Gallo Blanco – Old school full service Mexican food. Tends to be the most divisive joint on the list. Some people love it, others claim it made them sick once back in 2002 and they still haven’t recovered.

Big Burrito – Meh.