Sunday Ride, July 19th 2015

Beautiful weather always makes for the best rides, and this weekend saw some really fun times with KMR.

On Saturday, a couple of Chad’s work acquaintances came out looking to ride mopeds for the first time.  As usual, they started out nervous, but came back with huge smiles on their faces. We saw a thunderstorm rolling in, but figured we could get a ride in before it hit, so we headed out and stopped at Old Dog, hastily wrapping up and able to beat the rain.

Sunday was gorgeous out, too, and  we had a nice big crew of riders (including one of the previous day’s first-timers), so the ride wasn’t terribly long, but everyone had a lot of fun.  When we made our stop at Tibbs, our virgin riders were begging for more, so we rode a little bit more and then stopped at One Well.  Mopeds can make you soooo thirsty.

We got back to the shop and there was more riding, including a bit of a tumble on Ty’s Testi, but everyone was OK and Ty got a new set of forks, so there wasn’t a lot to complain about.